Poe’s Law: The point when a view is so extreme it is impossible to parody without being taken as sincere.

Welcome to your new life as an internet troll! Your goal is to prove you’re the most “oppressed” of all but you’re a troll so this game isn't about actual problems that require real world solutions. In GoO you’re the incel neckbeard who thinks a girl “owes” him sex ‘cause he’s a “nice guy” or the racist who doesn’t understand that having to share the world equally isn’t a personal attack. You get to step into the shoes of all those douche canoes on internet comment boards as you try to be the douchiest of them all. Welcome to  Jurassic Pa… Trolldom.

Why make such a weird game? Honestly, I wanted a better way to highlight micro and macro aggressions. Conversations about privilege, no matter the variety, can be the pits. GoO sets the stage to talk (or not) about these topics from a place of merriment. The Game of Oppression is a place to start your conversation… or just let it be something that makes you smile today.

Warning: Some of the cards in GoO may make you uncomfortable. Oppression isn’t a pleasant topic, nor should it be one. Sometimes we hold prejudices without even realizing that they may hurt other people. If you start feeling a twinge while playing, look down, are you riding around in a douchecanoe? They are surprisingly tricksy beasts. Easy to jump into without noticing but just as easy to jump out of if we but try.

We shall tease you with a small sampling of the mysterious inner workings of the Game of Oppression: Poe's Law.

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Yep. That's all you get for now.

I told you it was a tease.

Okay well one more little tease: Rules & Card Layout


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