Seo is a diabolical force of nature.

This is their brainchild.

World, beware.


Seo Crosby fell in love with gaming at the tender age of 6 when a Draw 4 combo in Uno decimated their teammates. It was love at first own. Since then they have expanded their love of gaming to include board, card, and video games of all types and designs. Never happy to leave well enough alone, Seo frequently takes apart their games to make new games. This does sometimes make finding a complete game a trial for their monthly Board Game Nights, but where’s the fun in easy?

Since that young age, Seo has spent numerous years wandering the world getting into trouble and making friends (usually at the same time). They are presently located in Michigan with too many pets, a live-in partner, and a hatred of mowing the lawn. When not owning friends at board games, they spends their time building radiation therapy cancer treatment plans as a medical dosimetrist. They are active in far too many charitable organizations and loves to volunteer when time allows.


  • Ensure the ascendancy of the Game of Oppression
  • Thereby undermine Actual Oppression with sarcasm, humor, rainbows, and mockery
  • Step 3: Profit 
  • Have fun & make fun of people while doing it!