Game Design

No matter how interesting, addictive, or just plain fun a game is, if you can't understand important features at a base level you're not going to enjoy playing the game. While we enjoy mocking false oppression real life difficulties aren't all that funny to us. The Game of Oppression: Poe's Law is intentionally designed to be as visually inclusive as possible at present.

  • For those of us who find groking words is more difficult we've given you bright distinctive coloration.
  • Colors don't work if you don't see all of them. Therefore all categories are marked with distinct symbols in the bottom left. 
  • For quick identification of which expansion a card belongs to the bottom right will be maeked for the base game and all future expansions.
  • If you're like me you tend to flip numbers making basic math occasionally embarassing. To help combat this, as well as make end game point tallying quicker, all positive point value cards are marked on the left. While all negative value cards are on the right. 

The Future

The Game of Oppression: Poe's Law is presently fairly inclusive, but we know we can do better. Here are just a few of our ideas/goals for the future of the Game of Oppression: Poe's Law.

  • Sets icons - At present sets in GoO are marked with an abbreviation, but for those of us with dyslexia a string of letters is the least helpful way to identify anything. To help to alleviate this issue we will be using individual symbols for each set a full release.
  • Visually Impaired - While we've been able to address many unique visual differences in the base game of GoO, for those unable to see partially/totally the game is still fairly unaccessible. One primary goal we have as a company is to eventually release a braille expansion with a full braille base game. I'm sorry we're still too young right now to afford braille at the outset, but you are not forgotten.
  • Alternate Languages - Starting off GoO will only be available in America English basically because that's the language we at Dongle Games all speak. This is great if you read English, but not so awesome if you don't. No worries, we want the whole world to be able to mock false oppression with us. It may take us some time, but we will be expanding into other languages.
  • Expansion End Game: GoO hits a lot of high points in the world of troll idiocy even in a deck of 200+ cards. In our expansions we want to explore specific issues like the difficulties to the male gender (no not in the MRA way, but in an anti-toxic masculinity way) and more on STEM shenanigans. Trust me with the way Poe's Law seems to have taken over the news we aren't worried about running out of material.